One Pound Bag of Rocks
One Pound Bag of Rocks

One Pound Bag of Rocks

Sure, we all have a co-worker who got smitten by a fellow sexy stretcher in their Hot Yoga class and bought a bunch of gemstones and quartz crystals from this posing poseur. These shiny objects now surround their computer, and adorn their wrist, protecting your pal from chemtrails and vampires in the elevator.

But me? I’m old school. I don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to get my minerals! I’m fine with a bunch rocks, stones and pebbles in a one pound bag!

I sprinkle them on the floor around my desk so that the other co-worker who likes to take their shoes off doesn’t get too close. I put them in my bath when I want to feel like a fish in an aquarium. I throw them at the guys on the bus manspreading themselves!

These are the gemstones for those who are woke, but broke. I love my pound of rocks!

Amazon even goes so far as to say they are, "An assortment of tiny river rocks of all shapes, sizes and colors! Perfect for home and event decorations. Please note these rocks range in sizes from 3mm pebbles to 1 inch rocks."

Using our Bezos Rating Scale, we give it the Full Bezos!

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