Churchwarden Wizard Pipe - 10" of Wood in Your Hand

Churchwarden Wizard Pipe - 10" of Wood in Your Hand

Face it, Young Aspirant, you can’t fully become a Wizard until you know how to blow you some smoke rings. Every wizard knows that after a long day of casting spells on unsuspecting villagers, randy goats, and the occasional knobby hobgoblin, the wiz needs to chill and have her or him a smoke of tobacco or some other magical leaf. And then to blow them rings! And that means you need to inhale some smoke, and that means you need you a nice solid pipe in your wizened hands!

Although etsy pagans and intersectional feminist cosplayers claim a magic wand is the most important tool a young wizard can have, I disagree. I think it is a pipe. I mean, high-end LARPing is not for the faint of heart. I wouldn’t want to be caught bringing a vape or juul to the LARPs I attend in the affluent suburbs of DC. They would never take my spells seriously again!

But when I sit there, mid-LARP, staring out at the playground across the park, and blow great big smoke rings that from our angle surround the nannies and their young charges in a evanescent frame, I know, and everyone pretending to be dwarves, elves, orcs around me knows, that I am a wizard.

No. I am not high. Get this pipe and wizard some stuff yourself.

Our unique Bezos Rating Scale says the only thing better than this pipe would be legal pot in the USA, everywhere! Until that happens, this pipe earns the force of four Bezos from us.

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