Vegandalf - for Vegans and Self-Proclaimed Wizards

Let's be clear - you can like any kind of Wizardry and Witchery to explore this category. Not just the Wizards of Middle Earth. You can like the Wizards of Waverly Place! It's cool. You're fine even if you dropped out of Hogwarts School.

Nor do you have to be a total vegan to enjoy this category. Half vegan or one third, we don't doubt the sincerity of your intentions, or the fact you are just looking for a vegan gift for your granddaughter who had an epiphany on Ecstasy one night at Bonnaroo. She realized that animals are talking to us all the time, but we're just not listening, and what they are saying is, "You need to love us and love the Earth." And so from that moment on, she went vegan, but still eats Twizzlers, smokes cigarettes and drinks beer every night. Ahhh, if only you were a wizard, you'd cast a spell and cast that bullshit out of her head.  

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