Animals for Eating, Animals for Loving

Our relationship to our fellow animals on this planet is complex: we fear them, kill them, domesticate them, name sports teams after them, sacrifice them, breed them, farm them, have them fight, use them for medicine, wear them, but most of the time we eat them, and also we love them.

Bezos knows this complexity firsthand. He relates to Amazon customers like humanity relates to animals. Of course, he doesn't kill us, but he has domesticated us, and on a small private island off the coast of Washington, he breeds us for fighting. He scoffs at his fellow billionaire Zuckerberg who only kills and eats animals and just uses people for data. Bezos knows there is more to humanity than that. We will kill each other for money too! Gee whiz!

But us lesser mortals, those of us that are not billionaires that are below the national average in height, we know that on Amazon, the two best uses for animals are 1) for eating - which is why we review Bezos' meat - and 2) for loving - which is why we review Bezos' teddy bears and stuffed animals.
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