Things That Fit in Your Pocket

Forget your backpack!  Ignore that luggage!  Who needs ziploc bags? Not you.

Not if you remember the greatness of pockets! 

Not only are pockets a place for keys, wallets, or phones, they also can have the bedazzled-ness of shiny rhinestones on them!  Not to mention they are necessary to play pocket pool. 

When we put on our pants, or overalls, or T-Shirts with a pocket on them, we are much closer to marsupials than one thinks. (Except for their multiple penis heads and triple vaginas!)  The Great Bezos, in addition to owning The Washington Post and Whole Foods also has multiple penis heads and a quadruple vagina!  He will not be outdone by the Koala or the Kangaroo.

The first step to you becoming just like The Great Bezos, is to fill your pockets with fine items we have found for you on Amazon.  Look below!


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