Huey Lewis is Higher Than You Think He Is
Huey Lewis is Higher Than You Think He Is
Huey Lewis is Higher Than You Think He Is
Huey Lewis is Higher Than You Think He Is

Huey Lewis is Higher Than You Think He Is

Whenever I get the urge to take off my shirt and throw up my party fists in the air it’s because someone out there in the world is listening to the album ‘SPORTS’ by Huey Lewis and the News on full blast.

As you could guess, I get that urge a lot.

And trust me, if you play it loud enough, I will know.

SIDE NOTE: It's been said that Jeff Bezos modeled his whole career and part of his personality on the Huey Lewis oeuvre. Think about it. It makes total sense.

This 1980's classic album is the full package of what it truly means to get in your red Mazda Miata convertible and drive aimlessly into the sunset without a care in the world but also feeling like you have everything you need in that exact moment. You’re singing from the top of your lungs that for an instant you thought you were part of “The News” in Huey Lewis and The News.  

I think the song that speaks to me most is track 4 titled “I Want A New Drug”. Mostly because the various anti-depressants I imbibe like Nerds candy don't work as well as they used to. But also because it PUMPS ME UP!

Not only is the first 20 seconds of the song the best walk out music to show off your new speedo at the pool but also the best pump up music to finally get the courage to try out that quadruple axel-spin you’ve been wanting to break out at the slopes.


I think everyone in life, whether they know it or not, is just trying to find a new drug. This song speaks perfectly to that in the first opening verse “I want a new drug, one that won't make me sick, one that won't make me crash my car.”

It is a motto I live by each and everyday.  And this makes my dealer very happy.  He wishes he had more clients with that motto. The amount of drain cleaner he could sell by describing it as "Pure Serotonin Drained from Feral Cats" would quadruple!

But separately, now as my adrenals calm, let me say, I would suggest this album to anyone at any age as it speaks to all different types of people. It is a  rated G pantheistic groove for all the suburbanauts and post-modern mods out there.  It is the Pabst Blue Ribbon, it is the Quarter Pounder, it is Chuck Taylor of Music!

At the time of this writing, this Huey Lewis LP has 138 reviews on Amazon but none are as Bezos-centric as Amazon Prime Rib's Bezos Pop Rock rating scale which gives Huey Lewis and his News a platinum 5 out of 5 Bezos.

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